The Dresden Analysis-of-Images Suite


The goal of DAIS is to augment de.NBI with a dedicated node centered on tools and services for biological image analysis. This increasingly important field of bioinformatics is currently underrepresented within the de.NBI network. We aim to provide and maintain a powerful, stable, and user-friendly software stack for bio-image analysis. Our efforts will be based on our Fiji platform which is consistently recognized as one of the most used open source platforms for biological image analysis in Germany and worldwide. Crucially, the Fiji community is actively working towards tight integration with the KNIME workflow engine, which is maintained and developed by the de.NBI center CIBI. This bears the potential for a very direct dissemination into the de.NBI network via an already established adoption route. DAIS has a strong focus on further strengthening interoperability and integration of Fiji and KNIME, as well as bringing together their respective developer communities.
DAIS will offer image analysis tools to users, expert analysts, and developers. For users and expert analysts we provide a wealth of existing tools by maintaining and improving Fiji. Moreover, we will transfer state-of-the-art image processing methods developed within our labs from experimental prototypes into user-
friendly tools. For developers, we provide, maintain, and extend essential and powerful software libraries like ImgLib2– the modern image container library used in Fiji and in KNIME image processing.

We will continue to provide extensive documentation, support, teaching materials, and consulting for users as well as developers. DAIS will actively integrate these resources into the de.NBI network, including workshops, training events, and hackathons targeted at users and developers.

Have fun,

the DAIS Team

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